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Arkansas Police Chase With Armed Suspect Results In Total Mayhem

Last week in Arkansas, a woman stole a red Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck, which reportedly had a pistol inside. When a sheriff’s deputy saw the truck about an hour later, he started a pursuit that really escalated dramatically.

The deputy clocked the truck traveling at around 100 mph on US 71, and followed her while calling for backup. The woman then repeatedly brake-checked the officers, causing them to ram into her, and disabling their squad cars.

At one point, when that trick fails, she actively puts the truck in reverse, and slams it into the front of the officers SUV. At the time, he had noticed the suspect had the handgun out and was wielding it, so he in turn drew his gun. However, she sped off before he even attempted to make a shot.

Further down the road, another officer got the truck into a PIT maneuver, and managed to swerve it out of control. At that point the car was surrounded and stormed, and the suspect finally gave up.

Once placed in cuffs and in the back seat of a cop car, she can be heard on bodycam saying, “I mean look, I really didn’t intend on all that destruction, I’m just going through a lot.”

The young woman, named Jennifer K. Porter, is now sitting on a pile of counts, including eight counts of aggravated assault, felony fleeing, theft of a vehicle, and felony possession of a firearm. She really lasted longer than one would expect however, and it’s wild how she managed to disable the chase vehicles so effectively.

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