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Audi A7 Takes The Quattro For a Swim

What is up with cars in the water lately? You’d think that there was some sort of global deluge that left all kind of expensive cars submerged. Adding to the trend, an Audi A7 with an overzealous driver went for a splash recently.

A flooded underpass in Hungary hosted the swim-meet. Unfortunately Audi’s Quatro all-wheel drive system couldn’t quite make the lap.

There is something really disheartening about a car going weightless as it begins to float. The instant a wheel-based vehicle starts slowly drifting to the side in a way we know it shouldn’t, a cringe comes forward.

In fairness, the water doesn’t look that deep. The driver really went all in too, as if he thought speed would just see him safely to the other shore.

Apparently only an inch of rain caused this much flooding… which I can’t argue with. Perhaps all the rain in town just rushed into this one tunnel.

The authorities had to help other cars out of the underpass as well. With the flooding on June 17th, there was at least one BMW that got stuck in the soup. I’m starting to think that we should go into business selling amphibious cars, or even just paddles.

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