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BBC and Other UK News Outlets Wait Until After the Holidays to Criticize Richard Hammond

The holidays are notorious for being a slow news cycle and it seems like the editors at The Guardian, The Independent and especially BBC News must know this as they have waited until the first working day after the holiday (4 days after the episode premiere) to fill their headlines with controversy around Richard Hammond.

Look at BBC News and the leading story for their “Top News” section. We have other things in the world happening, but this is what the BBC wants to lead with today:

Courtesy: Reddit User – LordOfTheChumps

My issue isn’t with the comment, since it can all be agreed that it was a joke that just didn’t work and if anything, Jeremy Clarkson called Hammond out on the spot, so that’s where it’s at. Plus, it seems the “backlash” many are talking about are just a few tweets on Twitter, which was expected from a comment like this on a platform like The Grand Tour.

Courtesy: Reddit User - harding_tom29
Courtesy: Reddit User – harding_tom29

But now, the BBC seems to be leading the charge to use this opportunity to build a momentum of controversy against the Grand Tour. Is it because The Grand Tour is taking away their viewers and they’re desperate to stop the bleeding?

We all know Jeremy Clarkson has been taking his digs at the beebs, but for a media company that has the rich history of the BBC, you would expect a little bit more from them.

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  1. He never said the word gay. They didn’t even bother to quote the guy correctly. More fake news from the main stream media.

  2. If they want Ted to stop the “Bleeding”, than they should have found a way to keep the Trio on Top Gear. The fact is they hadn’t, and they took their Show elsewhere. And, now the BBC are acting like spoilt Democrats whinging on about how unfair it all is… Because the only reason to watch that Show, has since left.

    1. He never said anything about being gay at all. He said stuff about being straight. He never even said the word gay. This is why people call main stream media fake new. They don’t even bother quoting the guy correctly.

  3. Of course they would wait till after Christmas because they know if you put that up on Thursday or Friday before Christmas it would have gotten lost among holiday stories and nobody would have paid any attention to their stampy feet hissy fit.

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