The Grand Tour

Behind the Scenes Photos of The Grand Tour in Whitby

The boys just finished filming in Whitby this past week and we were able to get some fun photos from the great twitter followers we’ve been seeing online.

With Clarkson showing off his new cardigan look, interceptors and stuntmen jumping across bridges and playing boat chicken, it looked like The Grand Tour was having a ton of fun with their homecoming.

Here’s the tent on the pier:

Rumors were that James May was pretty sick during the shoot. Honestly, I can’t tell from these picture:

Jeremy Clarkson is sporting a new cardigan look and is that throne for his return to the UK?

Clarkson looking to be barking orders before a taping of the show

I’m not sure this stuntman for Richard Hammond made it!

Stunt Boating

Delivering the Interceptors



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