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Best Driving Song In the World: Reader’s Choice from 2016

We asked our Facebook followers what they would choose as the best driving song in the world. If you recall, Top Gear did a similar thing in Series 6 which extended over a period of several weeks. Viewers were encouraged to call in to vote for their favorites. The winner ended up being Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” which was a fantastic choice.

Here’s a recap at the original Top Gear list:

But it’s now 2016 and I’m sure we all have our own opinions of what we consider the greatest driving song in the world is. So a few weeks back, we turned to Facebook to see what you all thought. Here’s what we found to be the top driving songs out of over 2,000 comments.

2016 Edition: Best Driving Song is _________________
(We’ll be making a list of the comments with most likes)

Posted by Grand Tour Nation on Monday, December 5, 2016

There was a surprising amount of people who voted the same songs as Top Gear’s original list. A huge amount, in fact, which goes to show how amazing these songs both are, and how well they lend themselves to the adrenaline rush of driving. After eliminating the same songs from Top Gear’s list (a special shoutout to Radar Love which got a ton of reader votes!) and scouring the comments, here’s your list of greatest driving songs in the world:

I also have two Honorable Mentions here for your viewing pleasure:

“The sound of The American being dragged along behind an old wreckers over miles of broken glass and barbed wire? That would be music to my ears.”

“The theme from Psycho and Jaws together with the intertwined screams of Richard Hammond screaming “OLIVER!” over and over.”

Honestly, there were so many good ones and I would have loved to post all the thousands of submissions, but alas, I could not. And just in case you were curious, my choice would be “Panama” by Van Halen. Or “Poundcake.” Or “Unchained.” I just really like Van Halen.

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