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Bill Gates Explains Why He Bought A Porsche Taycan Over A Tesla In Interview

Bill Gates, now the world’s third-richest person, has purchased his first EV… a Porsche Taycan. In an interview Gates had with YouTuber Marques Brownlee, he discusses the annual letter that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation published.

The letter contains various items the foundation focuses their efforts on for the foreseeable future, one of which is climate change. During the interview, Brownlee and Gates discuss a previous interview they had together in 2019 where Tesla is discussed, specifically, how Tesla has a great product. But that there is a premium associated with Tesla and other electric vehicles.

Gates states that while there is a premium for these types of vehicles, especially the Porsche Taycan he just purchased, the premium should begin to decrease over the next decade as manufacturers are able to further reduce their premiums to zero. He goes on to mention that the Taycan is “very, very cool…” and as his first EV, he is “enjoying it a lot.” As the interview proceeds, Gates mentions that one of the main reasons people are not buying EVs is the “range anxiety,” and time to recharge.

Apparently, the news was broken to Tesla founder, Elon Musk, via Twitter. While Gates has been a large supporter of EVs going more mainstream, Musk did not appear to be thrilled with the fact Gates went with the Taycan, which has been somewhat of a thorn in his side since its debut. Must stating via Twitter that “My conversations with Gates have been underwhelming tbh.”

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