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British Delegates: Amazon-Prime Membership are “Parliamentary Expenses”

We’ve probably all heard about politicians abusing their position for personal gains, be it nepotism or tax evasion. But a little while ago something previously unheard of has happened in Britain. As the Telegraph reports, nine members of parliament utilized parliamentary expenses to pay for their Amazon Prime membership.

Watching The Grand Tour at tax payer’s expense

While being on the gouvernments payroll, members of parliament can claim certain financial investments als “parliamentary expenses”. However, some MPs claimed their amazon prime membership as one of those expenses. When the press and the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) asked them about the expenses, Several MPs stated that the subscription happened by mistake.

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Anyway, it is not entirely wrongful of MPs to claim their subscription as a parliamentary expense. In the UK, a prime membership comes at a price of £79 a year. Due to the IPSA cited by the Telegraph, MPs need to “justify the subscription is primarily used for parliamentary purposes”. Finally, one MP legitimated the membership due to the reduction in delivery cost for office equipment.

Users of amazon also need amazon prime to watch The Grand Tour via amazon prime video. Maybe the british MPs are diehard fans of Clarkson’s new show? Anyway, after the Daily Mirror published the news of these “parliamentary expenses”  some MPs have already repaid the responsible authority.

What do you think? May it really have been an honest mistake by the MPs?

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  1. Makes you wonder how many of those overpaid arseclowns are filing the TV Licence under thier parliamentary expenses? Which is undoubtedly several folds more expensive than a 99£ Prime Sub.

  2. “Due to the unique way the BBC is funded…” The British taxpayer has been shouldering the bill for Top Gear for years, why not The Grand Tour too?

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