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You Can Have One Of 30 Diablo GTRs For Only $645,000 | Daily Update

In today’s update, a race car drives next to some regular cars, we look at some pictures of a very expensive Lamborghini, and a loud Peugeot doesn’t break down! Not immediately, at least.

One Of 30 Lamborghini Diablo GTRs Is For Sale

The Diablo was already a pretty nuts car, even for Lamborghini, but it apparently wasn’t nuts enough for the boys in Sant’Agata. Complete with carbon fiber everywhere, ridiculous aero and the most powerful motor Lamborghini had made up to that point, this is #19 of only 30 cars ever produced, and you can own it for a cool $645,000. The best part? They didn’t sell it on DuPont Registry or Hemmings, but on Craigslist.

An A1GP Car In Traffic

I have very few words to describe this clip. I have no idea what’s going on or under what circumstances a bona fide, open-wheel race car is allowed to weave through traffic at at least double any reasonable speed limit. I only wish very ardently that it would happen to me.

The Disco SVX Is A Small, Extremely Spunky Land Rover

Just look at those tires.

Making 517bhp from JLR’s 5.0L V8, the new Land Rover Discovery SVX is the way to go if you want to traverse very un-fun ground at very fun speeds. To be safe, it’s also got lots of surprisingly tasteful orange trim pieces that nicely differentiate it from the regular Discovery. It certainly looks like a bundle of laughs, doesn’t it?

This Ridiculous Peugeot 205 Uses Bits Of An F1 Car

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would have the guts to drive a stripped-out 80s hot hatch with 280hp up a scarily narrow road at full tilt. Luckily, this guy does, and it makes for some great video. This particular 205 was one of the only cars back in the early 90s to run traction control, and was used to test out real F1 equipment that they never took off, and is still there on this car. I still think I’ll stick to a Golf R for now.

Aston Martin Might Enter F1 In 2021

Sadly, this is only a render. But it looks pretty amazing.

Aston Martin and Red Bull have been very chummy over the past few years, collaborating on the Toro Rosso F1 car and the Valkyrie hybrid hypercar. Apparently, Aston has been spending this time eyeing their own entry into Formula One in a few years; building a new F1 powertrain from scratch isn’t easy, but for a company with as much racing experience under their belts as Aston, there’s a good chance they could pull it off.

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