The Grand Tour

Celebrity Baker Paul Hollywood Is Touring Europe’s Most Car-Hungry Countries

“I’m Paul Hollywood, and I’m sort of a baker, and…part-time racing driver.”

That’s how Paul Hollywood introduces his newest show, Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip. Basically, it takes a page from TopGear’s “The Perfect Road Trip” TV films, following Hollywood around Continental Europe to some of its most automotively-inclined destinations.

If you’re worried that it’ll just be a slow, uninteresting slog, don’t–the show starts off with a bang, immediately dropping Hollywood into an orange Lamborghini Huracan Spyder alongside flamboyant and very Italian dancer and TV personality Bruno Tonioli and sending him straight into the heart of Rome.

Rome, unsurprisingly, is the most dangerous driving city in Europe. Driving in Rome less resembles an orderly procession of vehicles than it does a cadre of hyperactive children after being given a cocktail of Red Bull and cocaine, and a Lamborghini is hardly an ideal city car. Nevertheless, Paul gamely makes his way through the city center and survives the Piazza Venezia, even trying his hand at directing traffic before getting pulled over by the Polizia (who also happen to be driving a Huracan).

And that’s just the first day. If you want to check out the rest of the surprisingly fun and well-produced show, several episodes are already available on Netflix right now. If you need something to tide you over until the second season of The Grand Tour drops later this fall, the Big Continental Road Trip might just hit the spot.

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