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Chevy Camaro and Mercedes-AMG C 63 Both Caught Racing in Nova Scotia and Impounded

Oh Canada, home to the fur trade, round bacon, and… a Mercedes versus Chevy race that got two people’s cars impounded for racing at twice the speed limit?! Okay, we see you Canada. Let’s check out these details.

A Chevy Camaro and Mercedes-AMG C 63, were both pulled over in a 110 km/h (68 mph) zone, going over twice that speed, or 232 km/h (144 mph). The incident took place on a Nova Scotia highway.

They were stopped by an off-duty police officer (Super Troopers anyone?) who noticed them “stunting” and took action. Their citations were for $2,422 each, and they had their licenses suspended for seven days.

That’s really not a harsh punishment compared to where I’m from, where this could have landed them on jail. Maybe it’s because the men were in their mid to late 40s, and the officer realized they don’t do this often.

After all, it seemed like they were in on vacation since the pair were from Alberta. They likely took a road trip to test out their cars, and got carried away by the natural beauty of Nova Scotia.

Here’s the important question that wasn’t answered. Which car was in front when the off-duty officer noticed them racing by?

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