The Grand Tour

Clarkson, Hammond and May Play The Grand Tour Game With Abbie Eaton

The Grand Tour Game has been teased for a few months now. But while we’re losing our patience waiting to buy the thing, let’s watch our favourite presenters pick up the controllers and battle out in pure split-screen (yes, split-screen!!) madness.

As you can tell, they’re not that great at it. Or actually they’re great at it! But that depends on how you feel the game should be played. If you’re thinking it should be realistic, then Hammond is doing very well by embracing his new skill, ‘drive yourself into the wall really quickly’.

We’ve also established that Clarkson doesn’t use his brakes, and May is mostly useless. Then you add famed racing driver Abbie Eaton into the mix and suddenly she’s taking first place. Not such a surprise?

Oh and there’s one more video if you fancy it where Clarkson asks if there’s anything he’s not good at – we take it he’s winning at that point. Hammond just answers with a single word: “modesty?”

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