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Clarkson, Hammond and May Stand Up for Women: Gender Specific Cars are Rubbish

“This gender splitting of cars is ridiculous.” With these words uttered from Jeremy’s mouth in Episode 11 this past week, something became very clear to me: apparently, there is gender splitting of cars. Who knew? Evidently Seat did, as the car in question was the mind blastingly purple Seat Mii (cue lawsuit from Nintendo).

The Seat Mii is the result of a partnership between Seat and Cosmopolitan magazine. The Mii, according to Seat and Cosmo, is specifically designed for woman, a claim which brought about a quick retort from the boys. What makes the Mii a female specific car?

  1. The headlights have en eyeliner shape
  2. It’s easy to park

As Hammond said “Hello, can I buy a box of women’s pencils please?” Yeah, it sounds about as ridiculous as that, with James quipping that he couldn’t see how a car could be gender specific unless you drive it with “your old chap” or your “magic triangle.” Jeremy followed the discussion with a few things that CAN be split into genders, such as bicycles and underwear…sometimes.

Next we were shown a Volvo concept that was Volvo had apparently claim very loudly, that was designed entirely by women. All we saw was an awesome concept car that….well, did not in any way show that it was designed just by women. As Jeremy put it: “Men and women are the exact same when it comes to cars. The end.”

All in all, a strange yet mildly interesting concept from Seat and Cosmo. Very strange indeed.

Tony Hsieh

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