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Clarkson, Hammond and May To Take On Solo Amazon Prime Projects

With James May confirming his own solo project for Amazon Prime called ‘Our Man In Japan’ where he will travel around… you guessed it, Japan (you can read about that here), it won’t be long until Clarkson and Hammond join him in solo projects.

That’s right, Amazon’s very own Video Vice President has confirmed that they will each have their own solo projects which will be hosted on Amazon Prime, as well as Andy Wilman who is the executive producer of The Grand Tour currently, and previously Top Gear.

Amazon Prime Video’s vice president Jay Marine said this on the subject:

“The Grand Tour is a worldwide hit and fan favourite,” said Amazon Prime Video’s vice president Jay Marine. “We’re delighted the guys are coming back for series four to make more of The Grand Tour exclusively for our Prime Video members.

“We’re proud to say that Prime Video will continue to be the home for Jeremy, Richard and James,” said Marine. “They’ve got some ambitious new ideas that Prime members are going to love; we’re excited to bring more Clarkson, Hammond and May to Prime Video for years to come.”

– Our Man In Japan coming soon to Amazon Prime

We’re sure it won’t be long until we see each of the presenters on their very own shows, despite Clarkson’s time already being flooded by Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and of course The Grand Tour.

What would you want to see each presenter having a go at? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. How about the guys running various small businesses together, individually, or broken into different 2 person teams. Captain Slow as the short order cook, Jezza, a waiter, and The Hamster bartending, for instance.

  2. Is that bird speed trap show going to be in the running? Haha. I would love to see a show with the boys taking a car and having a budget to mod a car correctly. We know they can ghetto rig a machine but can they actually make it proper?

    1. Pretty sure TG played homage, and numerous others have as well. The 2002TII was my youthful introduction to real cars, while the rest of my buddies drooled over Camaros and Corvettes….the fools! Had one for a weekend, borrowed from my boss…never forgotten…and 40+ years later still driving Beemers.

  3. Maybe they need to look into car cruises and shows.what it takes ie me bet and time. Budget and etc and get hold of ppl who tried n built there dreams and see what u could actually buy for the money the enuthatic has spent

  4. I would love to see May create a series similar to what Jason Torchinsky with his Jason Drives series on Jalopnik or Doug Demuro’s Youtube series. He could find obscure and unique cars, concepts and prototypes, then talk about their intricacies, and then set a lap time on the Nurburgring.

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