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Clarkson’s Farm Give Update On Latest Diddly Squat Arrival

The Diddly Squat Farm team have given Clarkson’s Farm fans an update on the goings on at the farm as they wait for the third season of the show.

Taking to social media, the team revealed the newest arrivals to the farm. They wrote:

“Many billy the kids have arrived.”

The second series of Clarkson’s Farm was released to Prime Video in February and the majority of fans binge-watched the show during the first weekend. Jeremy Clarkson was joined by fan-favourites Kaleb Cooper, Lisa Hogan, Charlie Ireland, and Gerald Cooper.

Despite it only being a few weeks since its release, fans are already eagerly waiting for the release of the third season which is currently being filmed. The photo shared by Diddly Squat Farm shows the cameramen getting up close and personal with the new arrival of kids so we can expect this heart-warming moment to be featured in the third season.

Although no release date has been announced yet, Clarkson shared to fans recently his best guess would be in about “18 months”.

Fans have been sharing their excitement for the kids being involved in the third season. One fan commented:

“I can already see the first episode with Jeremy saying, well cows were a risky investment. Charlie: Well, at the end of the day, we need to find a more reliable way of keeping the farm afloat. Jermey looking with genius in his eye has eureka moment…Goats, he says! You can now see the fear in Charlie’s eyes. In his heart, he says, here we go again!”

Another fan wrote:

“Season 3 has its new escape team in place…”

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