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Clarkson’s Farm: Jeremy Clarkson Addresses Kaleb Live On Air: “Nothing Has Died… Yet”

With Kaleb Cooper away from Diddly Squat Farm, presenter Jeremy Clarkson was keen to update him on how Clarkson’s Farm is going without his input. The 1,000 acre piece of land seems to be ticking over nicely under Clarkson’s guise, but The Grand Tour presenter isn’t sure it’ll keep that way.

Talking to Zoe Ball of Radio 2 on Friday, Jeremy talked to Kaleb directly.

“How is Kaleb, Jeremy?” Zoe asked live on air.

“I’ll tell you exactly how he is, he’s on holiday!” he said, before Zoe remarks that she’s surprised to hear that.

“He’s gone to the seaside. He’s never had a holiday before and now it’s all gone to his head,” he joked.

“Now he’s just sent me a text saying, ‘You sound hungover.'”

Kaleb was obviously listening to the show and Zoe laughed before Jeremy gave Kaleb an update on the farm’s goings on.

“I’m in complete charge of the farm, all by myself!” he told listeners.

“And Kaleb, I know you’re listening… nothing has died,” he joked before finishing his sentence. “Yet.”

Zoe laughed yet again before replying: “I was waiting for the ‘yet!'”

Jeremy continued: “I’ve checked all the cows are still in their fields and everything is fine.

“The hens are fine,” he added, before joking about bird flu.

“Everything is just as you left it,” he told Kaleb over the radio. “I haven’t done anything wrong as far as I know!”

Viewers of Clarkson’s Farm will know how strict farm manager Kaleb can be, especially with Jeremy Clarkson. He’s quick to point out any error, and will tell Clarkson exactly how he feels. But recently, Jeremy was able to “bust” Kaleb after he made a mistake on Diddly Squat – a first for Kaleb.

In an interview, Clarkson laughed as he told fans about what happened:

“I was driving past one of the fields in a tractor,” Jeremy explained, “then I noticed a strip that hasn’t been seeded.

“So I busted Kaleb for making his first mistake in two years.”

He then joked: “I haven’t seen him all morning. He’s in a sulk!”

Clarkson’s Farm will return for Series 2 next year.

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