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Clarkson’s Farm: Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon Show Season 2 Confirmed

Season 2 of Jeremy Clarkson’s successful farming show, Clarkson’s Farm has been greenlit after fans spread rave reviews about the documentary. the 8-part show has become the most positively reviewed show yet to be published on the streaming service, and according to sources, Amazon is incredibly pleased with its performance. 

Jeremy Clarkson stood next to Lisa Hogan

A source said: “Jeremy is Amazon’s golden boy and a new series is already in the pipeline.

“It’s rated five stars on Amazon and has a 9.3 rating on IMDB, which is practically unheard of.

“It means Jeremy’s fellow farmers Kaleb, ‘Cheerful’ Charlie and Gerald will all be in front of cameras on the farm again.”

Clarkon’s Farm followed Jeremy and his colleagues as The Grand Tour host battled to build a successful farm. Over 8 episodes, we find Clarkson seeding, lambing, building electric fences, and growing a successful farming shop, all laced with Clarkson’s brilliant humour and skills as a journalist. 

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Fans will be incredibly happy to learn that a new season is in the works, with them singing its praises a mere week after its release onto the streaming service. Kaleb Cooper, Gerald Cooper, and Charlie Ireland were also praised heavily for their parts in the show. Kaleb especially was held in high regard after he showed a complete knowledge of farming while also being able to shout at Clarkson at his young age.

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We’re so excited to see what season 2 has in store. 

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