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Clarkson’s Farm: Kaleb Cooper Slams Commenter After Questioning His First Huge Purchase

In a recent post from the Clarkson’s Farm manager, Kaleb Cooper slammed a commenter who questioned a purchase he made at the age of 15.

Kaleb Cooper has been working alongside Jeremy Clarkson for around two years now and since then has become incredibly popular as fans quickly warmed to the knowledgeable farming manager. The way he was able to put The Grand Tour presenter in his place was brilliant, and fans loved to see it.

But Kaleb has been working hard off the television for a long time, with him buying his first tractor at the age of 15 for £5,500. He posted a photo of this moment to Instagram:

Cooper earnt his money through his entrepreneurial spirit. Before the age of 15 he was working for farmers, selling his own eggs door to door, and doing everything he could to learn and experience as much as he could. But one commenter questioned his purchase:

“What kind of 15 year old has £5500?!” they asked.

Cooper was quick to hit back:

“The kind that work 18 hours a day 👌,” he replied.

A fan added: “Absolutely- some kids work and earn money from a young age – really admire this over allowances and no work experience.”

Another also commented: “Well said 👏👏👏 my 3 year old aspires to ‘have a farm like Kaleb!’ He’s obsessed 😍.”

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