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Clarkson’s Farm: Kelvin Fletcher Argues That He Isn’t Copying Jeremy Clarkson’s Farming Show

Kelvin Fletcher, an actor from the British soap Emmerdale, has started Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure, a BBC show that follows him and his family as they start a farm. Remind you of anything? Yes, this is eerily close to Clarkson’s Farm, which was released last year to Amazon Prime and has seen Jeremy Clarkson and his team highly praised as viewers flocked to watch it. Pun not intended.

Similarities have obviously been spotted between the two programmes, and viewers of Fletcher’s farming show haven’t stayed silent with many calling out the show for ‘copying’ Clarkson’s.

Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure follows almost the same idea as Clarkson’s Farm. He and his family have no farming experience so it’s a learning curve as they tend to fields and care for their sheep. The show is presented in a very different format to Clarkson’s, but I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that it aired barely a year after the the Amazon show.

But now Kelvin has tagged this criticism as being “unfair”, and has spoken out to defend his show.

He told the Netmums Podcast:

“It’s a bit unfair I think.”

“There’s a whole host of that type of show, I can think of half a dozen straight the way, you know idyllic, country living, representing the industry and giving you an insight into what it’s like, something a little light-hearted.

“So to be compared exclusively to Clarkson I think is a little random. As people can see it’s a completely different show.”

Obviously this rivalry has been created by viewers because to begin with, Clarkson’s Farm is headed by Jeremy – an extremely popular presenter with lots of viewers. But also, I believe that the fact Fletcher’s show is a BBC programme has something to do with it thanks to the BBC’s rivalry and history with The Grand Tour presenter.

Kelvin has said:

“We were already three months into production when Clarkson’s came out.

“So, to suggest that we’ve, and we did get a lot of suggestions, like, ‘Oh they’ve just ripped it off or they’ve copycatted it’.

“Don’t forget there’s probably a three-month development process, there’s a pitching process, a commission process, we were three months down the line into filming then Clarkson came on in the summertime.”

We have no evidence to believe the BBC was copying Jeremy, but it does certainly feel like a coincidence. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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