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Clarkson’s Farm: Legal Action Taken Against The Expansion Of Jeremy Clarkson’s Farming Business

A neighbour who was upset by Jeremy Clarkson’s plans to open a restaurant on his Oxfordshire farm has launched legal action against him. The council had given the Clarkson’s Farm host permission to convert his lambing shed into a 60-seat restaurant with parking for around 70 vehicles.

Neighbours are worried that further expansion at Jeremy’s Diddly Squat Farm, where the Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm is filmed, would transform tiny Chadlington into a “Jeremy Clarkson theme park.”

Only recently, disaster struck on the farm.

It turns out that the site for the restaurant used to be a quarry, which was subsequently abandoned. The planning application’s reply from consultee ERS Pollution now reads that because of this, the planned location might be too hazardous to develop on.

According to their accounts, the site may now be filled ground.

On top of this, locals living around the farm are getting tired of the effects Jeremy’s business is having on the local area.

There have been 31 objection comments filed against his restaurant’s plans, the majority of which are from Chadlington homeowners, despite Jeremy offering a discount to those who live in the surrounding area.

According to The Mirror, Mr Hamish Dewar has hired attorneys in an attempt to prevent the building from going ahead:

“I don’t understand why he’s stirring up controversy and antagonism right on his doorstep.

“These plans mean even more traffic, noise and light pollution in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

“The village is precious to everyone living in it.


“We don’t want a Jeremy Clarkson theme park and don’t understand why he’d want one.

“So if we can stop it, we will.

“It’s not a personal thing and it’s not the village against Jeremy Clarkson – but people are worried.”

Despite this, Hamish has admitted that he’s been to the Farm a few times and found The Grand Tour host very funny.

He continues: “I understand why it’s popular – I just wish he’d leave it at that.

“To be fair [Jeremy] probably didn’t expect there would be 400 cars and four-hour waiting times to go into his farm shop and buy a t-shirt,” he said.

The objection filed by Leigh Day solicitors described the proposed expansion as “entirely inappropriate”, adding that the lambing shed where the work is to be taking place has only been used for a “single season.”

We’ll hear more next month once the council makes a decision.

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