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Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Is Now Available To Watch On Prime Video

Finally, after a much-anticipated wait, Prime Video is set to release the second instalment of the hit series, Clarkson’s Farm. This latest season offers a unique glimpse into the life and work of Jeremy Clarkson, a man who made his name on Top Gear, but has since moved his focus to farming on Prime Video

The audience will get to see Jeremy navigate new challenges as he introduces a variety of new livestock and crops to the farm. He will also tackle the daunting task of opening a restaurant on the property and will face opposition from the local council. However, with the help of his trusty team, including the fearless tractor driver Kaleb Cooper and the knowledgeable Cheerful Charlie Ireland, Jeremy will persevere in his pursuit to expand his farm.

In addition to the introduction of these new elements, viewers can expect to see more of the familiar faces from the first season, including Gerald, the stone wall expert, and Lisa, Jeremy’s partner-turned-farm-shop-keeper. They will also get an inside look into the personal lives and relationships of the Diddly Squat Farm team as they work together to achieve their common goal of success.

This season promises to be filled with even more laughter, heartwarming moments, and of course, farming blunders. The audience can look forward to watching Jeremy and his team strive to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in their agricultural endeavors.

“It’s been an extraordinary thing,” Jeremy told us about the effect Clarkson’s Farm has had on his day to day life. “Not just in the UK, but everywhere. The farm is visited now by Americans, South Africans, Germans, Finns, Dutch – everyone all over the world. They’ve gone, ‘Wow, it’s amazing where our food comes from.'”

Clarkson’s Farm is now available to watch on Prime Video.

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