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Comparing James May To Curtains Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

James May, or Captain Slow as a lot of you know him as, is probably most well known for his poor choices of clothing. Coming up as a close second would be his world-class motoring journalism, but the bad shirts is definitely the first one.

So when you see a thread on Twitter of May being compared to curtains, we couldn’t help but laugh. Seriously, we saw this days ago but just finished laughing enough to write something about it! Here it is, enjoy!

Click the embed above and revel in the fact that James May has the worst (or best, depending on personal preference) fashion sense… in the world.

He even had something to add to the conversation.

Of course, this has gone massively viral, with several other users adding their own take to the fun.

Then it started getting weird…

I think we’ll leave it there! But if you want to join a community that does this for fun, join this new Reddit community!

Let us know your favourites in the comments below!



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