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Could Clarkson and Ramsay Make the Greatest Show IN THE WORLD?

British TV seems to be in a bit of disarray right now with Top Gear “transitioning” and another popular show called the Great British Bake Off losing all it’s hosts to a point where Clarkson, Hammond and May have been considered as hosts in a local poll.

We all know about Jeremy Clarkson’s history as a host with a strong personality and many would say that celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, has probably an even stronger personality coupled with probably an even shorter fuse.

Well, a few years ago, Gordon Ramsay visited Jeremy Clarkson at his home and helped him prepare a Sunday lunch for the family. The main course . . . . lobster, of course.

It’s a relatively short episode for Ramsay’s youtube channel, but overall, I felt that the two had a decent chemistry together.

A traveling show that celebrated the foods of the region while testing out different types of cars and just listening to their honest brand of conversation.

Wouldn’t you want to watch that?

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