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Cristiano Ronaldo Wears The World’s Most Expensive Rolex: GTM-Master Ice

I think it’s fair to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is fairly wealthy. According to Maxim, he earns $750,000 just for a sponsored Instagram post, so add on his incredible football career and everything else he seems to have a finger in, he’s doing alright.

Earlier this week, Ronaldo arrived at a sports conference in Dubai wearing what looks to be the most expensive Rolex you can buy named the GMT-Master Ice. According to Paul Altieri, the watch is worth $485,350 when it first arrived on the market in 2018 making it the world’s most expensive timepiece. Apparently, the watch Ronaldo was wearing for his Dubai trip costs over $10,000 more than that at $497,040, and it sat next to a custom made engagement ring worth $262,000 and a $65,400 wedding band.

This is what Paul Altieri says on the not exactly subtle watch:

The Rolex GMT-Master Ice wristwatch is certainly aesthetically stimulating and visually pleasing. It is made of some of the finest materials, including 18 ct white gold and nearly 30 Carats of brilliantly cut diamonds that cover almost every inch of the watch.

Though covered in diamonds, Rolex did not skimp on the watch’s key technological features and the precision for which Rolex is known. The watch features an 18 ct white gold case that has a thickness of 13 mm. This Oyster case, which utilizes a screw-down Triplock winding crown and a screw-down case back, is able to withstand water pressure up to 100 meters (330 feet).

The watch is self-winding with a 50-hour power reserve, plus a waterproof case and 31 jewels add to the six-figure price. Thankfully to Ronaldo’s Instagram, that more than covered the price of this hand’s worth of jewellery, with an estimated $40 million income made just from his social sites last year.

If you fancy your own, you can find one here at Chrono24 for $495,000.

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