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Did you know that Jeremy Clarkson made an appearance in a Pixar Movie?

If there’s any movie in the last 20 years that Jeremy Clarkson would be perfect in, it would be the Fast and the Furious . . .

Wait. Just kidding. He’d rather slit his throat with a dull spoon before he changes 10 gears a scene for that movie. The movie I’m talking about is Cars by Pixar, er, Disney, er, Pixar unless you like Disney better?

Well, the people over in Pixar had the same feeling and casted him in the UK version of the hit movie, where Jeremy plays the part of Lightning McQueen’s stereotypical hollywood agent, Harv.

Here’s a little behind the scenes clip of Jeremy doing the voiceovers and getting coaching from one of the all time legends in animations, John Lasseter:

and then here’s the clips from the UK version of the movie.

We’re waiting for Disney to cast Richard Hammond as an actual hamster in a live action version of Bolt, where he can play the fearless sidekick protected in the sphere of plastic!


Now, what would James May be perfect for?

h/t: dxequalssigmaxsquare

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