The Grand Tour

DriveTribe Probably Won’t Include NASCAR Fans After this Video

Along with the announcement of The Grand Tour’s premiere date yesterday, the boys took some time to have some fun at the expense of ‘Murica’s favorite motorsport – NASCAR.

As some of you know, the whole idea of the boy’s new venture, DriveTribe, is for motor enthusiast to create new groups for themselves to share content they can curate and develop for their tribe members.

Well, Richard Hammond shares with James May and Jeremy Clarkson an application Peter Kligerman has submitted to become a tribe leader, but James May quickly interrupts and takes a jab at the NASCAR racer.

Slightly cruel? Yes! Snobby? Absolutely!

We know how much pride the boys have in Europe and even though they are fans of the “boring” F1 circuit, they still have enough loyalty to rag on one of America’s favorite motor sports.

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