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Driving Your Power Wheels In The Park? Better Watch Out For This Granny!

We all had some exposure to Power Wheels as children. The tiny vehicles were many of our first experiences actually driving a vehicle of any sort. Of course, they only go 6 mph, and have the energy of an anemic chihuahua.

They’re virtually the most harmless toy a child could hope to drive, unless you live near a precarious cliff of volcano. Well, tell that to this granny Karen, who has been going viral on TikTok over the weekend.


So what bothers her ?? Can someone please tell me. is she related to #Karen ? Do I take my kids to the #dmv? #fy #fyp

♬ original sound – 🌙MOON4BOYS⚽️🥇🌎

A mother took her kids to the local park with a Power Wheels toy, and it wasn’t long before someone complained. An elderly woman, who walks by the children, shouts to the mother about how she’s “never seen a car in here before.”

The mom tries to deescalate the situation, by explaining it is a toy, and that the park is for kids to play in. That doesn’t help the situation, because the lady just interrupts with “it doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is that you have a little kid in here that doesn’t have a driver’s license.”

How could you even respond to such lunacy? Of course the three-year-olds don’t have a license? It’s legitimately possible this woman was having some sort of mental breakdown, which actually is quite sad.

Regardless, it makes for some meme-able content. If I ever see kids out like this, I’m definitely going to need to see some license and registration.

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