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Emily Clarkson Blasts Instagram For Deleted Nude International Women’s Day Post

Emily Clarkson has shouted out Instagram for deleting her International Women’s Day post after they claimed it broke their “guidelines on adult sexual solicitation”.

The new mother posted a photo of herself from her naked pregnancy shoot by photographer Alex Cameron along with a message which read:

“‘when my daughter is living in my belly
i will speak to her like
she’s already changed the world
she will walk out of me on a red carpet
fully equipped with the knowledge
that she’s capable of
anything she sets her mind to'”

Clarkson then took to her Instagram stories to share the notification from the social media platform and re-shared the photo arguing that it is obviously not sexual solicitation, but a photo championing pregnancy. She went on to share a photo of model Kendall Jenner which was taken as part of a Marc Jacobs campaign which shows the model naked, crunched down and wearing heels. Clarkson went on to comment, “make it make sense”.

The last post on Clarkson’s story said, “oh yay I think they’re back!” and then went on to poke fun at the social media platform writing, “note to self, next time be more like Kendall and wear shoes x”.

Fans reacted to the photos, writing:

“How long before insta bloody remove this gorgeous photo do we think?!”

“This is the best most inspirational post I have seen fair play fair play”

“Stunning our bodies are amazing how we can grow a whole new life and feed them you looked beautiful and powerful”

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