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Emily Clarkson On Why She Only Takes The Bus To Commute To Work From Now On

Last week’s Parsons Green bomb attack was a tragic incident that hit the Grand Tour family closer than we may have assumed. Emily Clarkson has taken to social media to talk about the attack on her “lovely, local Tube stop.”

In an emotionally charged Instagram post, Emily talks about how she is currently scared of using the Tube and will be taking the bus instead (at least for the near future). She informed her followers “you’re not weak or letting London down” for choosing not to use the Tube after the attack.

I have to applaud Emily’s post. The way a country bands together after an attack is incredibly inspiring, and I completely understand the concept behind not being afraid because then the bad guys win. I 100% agree with that, but at the same time, I also 100% understand and agree that people are simply afraid after attacks. It’s completely understandable and absurd to assume otherwise.

“But I’m not embarrassed to admit that right now I don’t love the Tube. I don’t want to use it and I don’t want my friends on it either…We’re told that we have to carry on as normal and I bloody love London for doing that time and time again but for those who are afraid of what the future holds, I don’t think you need to be ashmaed of finding alternative transport.”

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