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Exclusive Images Revealed Of James May’s Grand Tour Crash Repairs Behind The Scenes

The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick has just been released to Prime Video and fans have gone crazy for the episode. But headlines have been dominated by one thing: James May’s massive crash in the Mitsubishi Evo.

It’s safe to say the homologated rally car went through a lot in the episode with a high-speed collision with a wall at the end of a tunnel at the beginning, with it eventually making its way into icy cold waters when it fell through an iced-over lake. However, it still managed to get to the end of the episode, which is some sort of miracle when you see the state the car was in.

Photos have now been exclusively released to Grand Tour Nation from Morten Hansen who worked on the show in Norway, showing just how much extra work had to be put into the car to keep it going.

Hansen explained that after the first crash with the Evo, which left May with a broken rib, the car’s framework was “crooked” so had to be straightened out by a team in Tromsø.

We can see the work that has been put in to repair the damage to the rear right wheel arch. There are clearly some dents in the bodywork but you will see that the majority of the damage is on the side of the car, including the bent running gear around the front and rear wheels.

With the car up on the lift, we can see the team having a closer inspection. The front lip has been split in two, the intercooler piping is heavily dented, and the chassis has been hugely damaged. It looks as though the team had to put in a new oil cooler to keep the car going, too.

You will see below some of the extent of the damage the Evo endured, and it shows why hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were so excited to see James May emerge from around the corner still in the same car towards the end of the episode.

More photos:

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