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What We Expect To Happen In the Mozambique Special

One of the earliest teasers we got into the making of Season 2 of The Grand Tour was a peek at an episode which would take place in Mozambique. As we near the finish line of the season, we know for sure this episode is coming up.

What can we expect from the episode? We haven’t received a whole ton of information other than Hammond’s accident, so I suppose we should start with that:

Hammond Has An Accident and Falls Off His Motorcycle

This happens multiple times. In fact, early reports seem to indicate that Hammond falls of his bike as much as 30 times. Will we see all 30? I’m not sure the episode is long enough for that.

Fish Related Hijinks

The special will see the boys tasked with bringing a multitude of fish from the coast of Mozambique to the malnourished interior. Of course, this means a number of hilarious incidents featuring fish. It must, right? Three guys in Mozambique in two rickety old cars and a motorbike? I would expect nothing less.

Someone Gets Stuck

I would be absolutely shocked if someone doesn’t get stuck in the episode. My money is on James in his Mercedes 200T, which is not exactly the paragon of off-roading vehicles despite the fact that it was available in four-wheel drive.

Jeremy Wins

Considering the vehicles that each host picked, it not exactly a stretch to assume that Jeremy wins this challenge. We know Richard has his accident so he’s probably not the safest bet to reach the destination first, and I just don’t see May and his 200T beating out Jeremy’s Nissan Navara.

The Mozambique special is scheduled to air on Friday, February 16th. Not much longer!


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