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F1 Drivers Show Off New Helmets To Celebrate Miami Grand Prix

Ahead of the first ever Miami Grand Prix this weekend, many of the drivers took the opportunity to change their regular helmets for new designs.

Max Verstappen

2021 World Champion, Max Verstappen, has gone for a palm tree and neon design which is a route a lot of the drivers have gone down.

Lando Norris

Norris has opted for a basketball theme for his helmet which is weirdly realistic with his name on the back in the typical basketball jersey font.

Fernando Alonso

As we mentioned, many designs have included the Miami colours and palm trees, which are a large part of Alonso’s design.

Zhou Guanyu

Alfa Romeo driver, Zhou Guanyu, has opted for a ‘Space Jam’ theme and we are here for it.

Yuki Tsunoda

Tsunoda’s design is a bit more understated with a graffiti design that has been created by Remote (Jay Bellicchi).

Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo is known for his amazing sense of humour and his helmet doesn’t disappoint with a design inspired by ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’. Ricciardo has branded himself “pet detective” on the side and then on the back of the helmet it says “MISSING: Snowflake” above a photo of a dolphin. Below the dolphin it reads “If found, return to Heinz Getwellvet”.

Valtteri Bottas

Bottas took to Twitter to let his fans know that he has got three new helmet designs rather than just one “because it’s Miami”.

Mick Schumacher

Also taking the Miami colours is Mick Schumacher with a dragon design on the back.

Sergio Perez

Perez has also incorporated the Miami colours with palm trees and ‘Miami’ written on the back.

Alex Albon

Albon has gone for a light blue design which he swapped with TikTok star Francis Bourgeois when he announced the helmet on Twitter.

Pierre Gasly

Gasly has released a number of NFTs alongside his Miami helmet which is light blue, white with a small amount of the Miami pink at the bottom.

Which design if your favourite?

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