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Fans React To James May’s Horror Crash On The Grand Tour Norway Special

There have been reports of James May being involved in a crash in the upcoming Norway special of The Grand Tour, which May has recently responded to.

The news was leaked on Friday, where reports explained that May was travelling at 75 mph when he crashed into a wall, which left him with a broken rib. Since the news broke, many fans have been reacting on Twitter.

One user, @immaputdishere, took us back to James May’s Top Gear days with a reference to the ‘Cool Wall’.

@LyleRob08 wrote jokingly that Jeremy Clarkson is now the only one who can say he hasn’t crashed, quickly adding on the end that they are glad May is doing okay!

As hilarious as this one was, another user, @JonathanMcNam20, was quick to respond pointing out that Clarkson did in fact crash a rally car, to which the presenter commented “Now I know how it feels to be Richard Hammond“.

Many were quick to reference Richard Hammond’s many crashes as well as reminding May of his nickname “Captain Slow”.

Another ‘Captain Slow’ reference for you, @UnitedWhite said in jest that he was surprised May was travelling fast enough.

Don’t worry, some were just lovely messages of well wishes to the James May: Our Man In Italy presenter.

@ThisRina showed that May’s crash was trending on Google, Saying:

“never thought that james may’s crash would go into google trends” [sic]

And just another two Captain Slow comments to round it off. With a nickname like that, it was pretty inevitable people wouldn’t be able to resist bringing it up, especially when we know he is alright after the crash.

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