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Fans React to Richard Hammond’s New Solo Show: The Escapists Trailer

The new trailer for The Escapists starring Richard Hammond of Grand Tour fame and Tory Belleci from Mythbusters hit yesterday, and already, fans are raving over the survival entertainment show.

We recently published our own opinions on the trailer, and while we’re looking forward to watching Hammond stretching his inner American alongside Californian Belleci, we’re unsure whether we like the idea of it being so scripted as the trailer implies. In fact, on re-watching the trailer, we counted at least three definite CGI explosions, and we don’t care much for this.

But do fans agree?

One fan told us on our Facebook page that he was worried about the time that went into this compared to The Grand Tour.

“If they can film this sort of crap then why aren’t they filming more episodes of the grand tour?” He asks. “Seems like they’re all testing the waters with GT fans on whether they will still follow them in their individual projects.”

We know however, that Clarkson, Hammond, May, and producer Andy Wilman have chosen to change the format and rate of production in order to keep the show fresh, innovative, and new. This wasn’t quite the case with the most recent A Massive Hunt, which relied heavily on early Top Gear influence – although we really did like this episode. And of course we were only given one episode this year thanks to a certain virus that’s been hopping from person to person recently.

Another fan sang Hammond and Belleci’s praises: “Looks better than any Grand Tour special,” he insists, as does another:

“Omg The Hamster and Tori Belicci together? Sign me UP!”

Other fans seconded our remarks regarding over-production:

“Hmmm looks overproduced like the GT was in its first season and a bit with amazon. I don’t know why they feel the need to over-egg things this way, just let it be entertaining for what it is instead of sprinkling it with ‘Hollywood'”,

“Looks a bit forced!” another adds.

We’ve very much looking forward to this, despite our minor niggles with what we’ve seen from the trailer. Watch it on January 29 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

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