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Fast and Furious Could Be Ending After 11th Movie

It’s hard to believe that the first Fast and the Furious movie came out almost 20 years ago. What started out as a street racing love story somehow developed into a save the world from nuclear holocaust story…. but with cars.  Last we heard is that the much anticipated F9 instalment would be further delayed until May 2021. However, the bad news doesn’t end there. According to Deadline, it’s been revealed that after the 11th film is released the franchise will sadly come to an end. That still gives us 3 new movies to enjoy, but still leaves a bittersweet feeling, knowing the end is near. 

The characters and their cars are what really built this franchise. Each character seemed to have the perfect car casted to them to fit their personality. The rugged and handsome ex-cop Paul Walker with his fast and sleek Skyline. Brash and Bald Dom with his muscle cars, fitted with massive blowers sticking through the hood. Actually, how could he even see? Nevermind that, but Doms deep-voiced and live “a quarter mile at a time” attitude resonated with millions of viewers.

Suddenly Holywood upped the budget massively and cast every bald superstar they could find in the later movies, because we needed more. This hollywood intervention led to what eventually crescendoed into The Rock (bald) hand steering a live torpedo skidding on ice into an enemy vehicle.

Somewhere along the way they kind of drifted away from cars… just a bit. What hooked fans in the first place was seeing real cars that they loved on screen, like the Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra, with a storyline that actually made sense. What we would love more than anything about the new films would be if they got back to their roots and focused on real cars and street racing. Well get ready because after watching the trailer below we may be in luck…

Actually we are 100% not in luck. What the hell was that? A rocket attached to a Pontiac Fiero? Here we go again…

This time Dom and the team are up against “master thief, assassin and high performance driver” Jakob who is Doms mysterious brother. Jakob is played by none other than the WWE  legend John Cena himself. There is still hope however for Universal to produce an adequate 10th and 11th instalment, but we can only dream. 

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