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Ferrari Gets Smashed Under Mad Lad Trucker’s Rig In Protest

Today in mysterious acts of vandalism, we have the curious case of a giant semi-truck parked atop a white $200,000 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso. Many rumours have been swirling around the internet since this happened, and while they all point in slightly different directions, one thing is clear. Somebody got pissed at their boss.

Rumour has it, that a driver was expecting a brand new 2021 truck, but instead got assigned a slightly-used 2019 model. Not one to simply bend over and take the disrespect, he presumably took the set of keys, started the semi up, and maneuvered it into- and then on top of- said boss’ Ferrari.

Though this happened in Chicago, Illinois, truckers across the nation are sharing this story of vigilante justice. Because of the gossipy nature of this quick-spreading meme, details of the involved parties have been lost. Some go so far as to say this was actually over a payment dispute, where others cooberate the truck assignment story.

As someone who has surely upset truckers in the past (they’ve honked their big mean horns at me), I can find it in myself to look past our differences for a moment here, and applaud this mad lad’s abrasive protest. In a world that has had it up to here with wealth inequality, an image like this one can bring smiles to many faces. Once details are known about this man, and his legal troubles are over, I would like to offer him a drink… perhaps on the company card!


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