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Ferrari Testarossa Abandoned Since 2003 Could be Yours for $30k

Sitting on a hill in the island of Puerto Rico, this Ferrari Testarossa has definitely seen better days. If you were a daring mechanic with an eye on restorations, would $30,000 sound like a good price to you?

When Youtuber, Ratarossa, set out on a globe-trotting mission to find an old abandoned Ferrari he soon found this strange predicament. He tracked down the owner of this 1987 Testarossa, and asked him what it would take to bring it home.

Unfortunately, the $30,000 price wasn’t reasonable to Ratarossa. He would have to ship it back home to the UK, and likely spend tens of thousands on its restoration.

You can see that the Ferrari has paint eaten away by the hot tropical climate. There is a whole ecosystem growing underneath it. Also, the interior is completely devastated, probably from some kind of hurricane or storm.

There’s no telling what could be salvaged from this car. The mystery behind why it was abandoned 17 years ago would be most of the value in the trade, if we’re honest. Although, if someone did take the effort to restore it, then it would be a great story, and could be worth some money.

Thankfully, as demonstrated in the video, the Testarossa didn’t use many steel components. As a result, the aluminum bits don’t rust, and the body is mostly intact.


For a car that cost $5,000 a month for the original owner, maybe $30,000 wouldn’t be too bad of a deal. If you guys buy it, lets us know!

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