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Footage From James May’s Horror Norway Crash From The Grand Tour Revealed

It was recently leaked by an inside source that James May was in an awful crash on the upcoming episode of The Grand Tour, according to The Sun.

May was rushed to hospital and underwent various scans, including a brain scan which thankfully came back ok but he did have a broken rib. May recently spoke out about the crash to reassure his fans that he was fine.

A sneak peek of the what is believed to be the Norway special has been released by the shows executive producer, Andy Wilman. The short clip shows a snippet of James’ crash where we see the collision from inside the car, which looks painful.

We see James collide with something and bash his head against the side of the car twice, causing everything inside the car to fly around.

Watch the footage below

There has not been a release date confirmed yet, and hopefully there will be a full trailer soon. We know that the special features the three chosen ‘rally’ cars. Jeremy Clarkson will be in the Audi RS4 B7, Richard Hammond is driving a Subaru Impreza WRX and May a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII.

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