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Ford Mustang Crashes Into Victorian Home In San Francisco

Every time a story comes at you about a Ford Mustang, it’s a crash. Of course, they have a reputation for attracting drivers who crash a lot. Unlike their Dodge Challenger counterparts, who just get into legal trouble.

In today’s story of Mustang mishap, a driver wasn’t paying attention at a four-way stop, which led to them plowing into the living room of a beautiful house.

According to redditor, u/parkski, “the driver was texting/driving, and ran right straight through the stop sign towards an oncoming car, then swerved straight into the building.”

Other people mentioned that the house receives a lot of community attention, due to its cats, which sit at the window. Apparently the cats weren’t hurt as a consequence of the driver’s mistake, but they did escape, only to be re-caught.

Another redditor, u/yubozhao, commented they, “saw the mustang running [a] red light on Fulton and Masonic at petty high speed and almost run into the oncoming traffic just to dodge slower cars in front of him. He was really reckless.”

The Victorian home, at the corner of Fulton & Lyon, now has a giant hole in it. Hopefully it all gets sorted soon, although I wouldn’t bet on the Mustang driver’s insurance being especially helpful.

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