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Ford Mustang’s Exhaust Pipes Filled With Foam After Crazy Neighbor Leaves Threatening Note

Have you got a crazy neighbor? Maybe one who calls the police on every little disturbance, or leaves passive-aggressive notes on people’s doors?

Well, Facebook-user Aaron Robinson probably has you beat. In a couple of photos posted to his account, he shows just how wild a crazy neighbor can get.

First, he received a threatening note, that couldn’t be described as passive.

It read, “I finally found you! You want our attention, you don’t want our attention. You have 14 days to fix the mufflers. or Put the stock back on. DONT egg us on you will only regret it! We encourage you to call the police, install video, nothing will work!” Then they give the police phone-number, before adding, “Fix your muffler!”

This Zodiac-killer weirdo undoubtedly had some previous beef with Mr. Robinson. His recent model-year Mustang probably had Ford’s “Good Neighbor Mode,” which could lower the exhaust sound if he wanted to.

Regardless, the psycho went to the next stage, where they actually vandalized the Mustang, by spraying expanding foam up into its exhaust!

Now, even if the man’s Mustang was setting off car-alarms and/or shattering windows (it probably wasn’t) this sort of reaction is particularly insidious. It’s unclear whether this was done at the same time as the note, but context clues seem to point in that direction.

In Robinson’s post, he says, “please come near me or my family or my car cameras and guns for days,” which means this string of events could bubble over into a whole Hatfield & McCoys-style turf-war!

What do you guys think? Have you thought about doing this sort of thing to a neighbor, or even better, were you the one responsible?! Knowing you all, you’ve got a plan for if one of your neighborhood Karens pulls this sort of move on your Mustang!

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