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Former Top Gear Guest and F1 Racer Slams The Grand Tour for Not Understanding

Thanks to our friends at Shifting Lanes, we learned about an interview with recently retired F1 Driver, Jenson Button and his thoughts on The Grand Tour.

For those of you who don’t remember, Jenson was a guest of Top Gear in 2009 and had a pretty good time with Jeremy Clarkson, talking about his Bugatti Veyron and how much he learned on the Top Gear track. Obviously, Button was dripping with sarcasm, but it was obvious that he definitely had thoughts on a lot of things and exuded enough confidence to go toe-to-toe with Jeremy Clarkson on his home turf.

Fast forward to 2016 and we see that Jenson definitely hasn’t lost that witty charm when asked about his thoughts on The Grand Tour. At a Michael Kors event last week, GQ got him on Facebook and asked him what his thoughts were on the show:

“I was watching it in the bar before I came here. It’s definitely bath-watching material.

I’ve seen it all before. They are driving the same cars as they do in all those car shows. It’s really good fun, but there is definitely an area that is missing with a lot of car shows I find, a niche.

Basically none of them are racing drivers, they don’t really understand… It’s all about sliding and tyre smoke isn’t it?

But personally I just think, poor car.

I love cars and they just destroy them.”

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’m not sure Jenson understands what the show is really all about. It’s not really about the cars. It’s about the adventure between three great friends who happen to love cars. Because of that, I’m not so sure he’s “seen it all before.”

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    1. I would TOTALLY watch a cooking show put on by Hammond, Clarkson, and May. I wouldn’t learn a damn thing about cooking but I would totally watch the show.

  1. I really enjoyed the 1st Grand Tour and it is all about the entertainment I agree…but Jenson knows a thing or two about driving cars fast and he is right,it is not about going sideways and tyre smoke.Perhaps they should ask him to join them now he has a bit of free time.

  2. What can you expect of an answer from an unemployed retired driver when he have nothing to do than enjoying the remain of his bank account…?

    If this show is only about cars it will be boring to death, like the Fifth gear show.

    It’s about cars, the three funny blokes, the entertainment, the distinctive humours like no any other, and the adventure.

    That is what is all about the show that these 3 funny guys can bring to us.

    1. I think the plethora of super/hypercars is getting stale. The best of TG were the challenges….buy a £1,000 banger but in fact get an old lycury/sports etc. Great formula as those are the cars ‘we’ can buy and enjoy!

  3. I agree. What a dimwit. This show is about “The Boys”. It has been since Season 2 of the original show whose name shall not be mentioned. It’s their personalities that make the show. The cars are awesome, but Many viewers are, like me, older women that really don’t know much about cars but watch for Richard, Jeremy and James. It’s a show that husbands and wives can watch together and both get enjoyment out of. Get off your High Horsepower Mr. Man and come down to earth with the rest of us!

    1. I happen to agree with him. If the emphasis is supposed to be on the cars, then his suggestion is spot on. But if the show is supposed to have the focus on the “Boys”, then make it a “bromance” show. I’m sure they can find another topic to base the show on and still pull in the viewers if it really IS about the boys. Beer, food, whatever. It will supposedly still work, right?

      1. Its about the boys and they love talking about cars. They can throw in some beer and food if they want to I guess ????

      2. They already made a show about landscaping for the BBC. It was just as entertaining as the old show was.

      3. No, you don’t get it either. It’s 3 blokes enjoying each others’ company, while playing with cars. It is not and has never been serious automotive stuff. Seriously, have you ever watched TG?

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