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Grand Tour Fans Jump To Jeremy Clarkson’s Defence After Amazon Drops Him (Reportedly)

It was reported yesterday that Prime Video will be cutting ties with Jeremy Clarkson after the currently commissioned shows are over. It is believed that means Clarkson’s Farm will have end after three seasons and there will be four more specials of The Grand Tour.

Prime Video have not commented on this at the moment so this is not confirmed.

This comes after the former Top Gear hosts controversial column in The Sun about Meghan Markle. Clarkson took to Instagram yesterday to express how sorry he was about it. He wrote:

“I really am sorry. All the way from the balls of my feet to the follicles on my head. This is me putting my hands up. It’s a mea culpa with bells on.”

Fans have been sharing their thoughts to social media and mainly defending the presenter as they do not want to lose The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm.

One Twitter user, TG_81, wrote:

“Dear @amazon, if you dare cancel @JeremyClarkson – The Grand Tour/Clarksons Farm, over his comments on Meghan Markle, you will lose tons of Clarkson fans who are Prime members.”

Another user, LizKershawDJ , commented:

“#jeremyclarkson’s Farm has been brilliant in educating us how and where our food comes from and at what price. Shame on #AmazonTV if they really are cancelling him”

David Atherton, a journalist for The European Conservative, also commented on the situation, writing:

“As Amazon @primevideouk have cancelled Jeremy Clarkson’s Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm, I strongly suggest everyone cancels their direct debit to them.”

Other fans were much more critical of Clarkson. One fan, Katiemanzoori, explained:

“Happy to hear that @PrimeVideo have cancelled Jeremy Clarkson’s show. I’m still totally disgusted by his article and that it was ever approved to go to print by @TheSun. There should be consequences for the editor too!”

Another Twitter user, G R D Williams, commented:

“Why should the Sussex’s accept his apology. He’s apologising because the world is outraged by what he wrote, and he’s trying to save face. If he was sorry, he wouldn’t have written it in the first place. I know I wouldn’t accept it if it was me. Stuff him”

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