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Grand Tour Presenter James May “Fainted In Excitement” As Brian Cox Gives Him Idea For Next Show

In a hilarious clash on Twitter, James May and Brian Cox have established what The Grand Tour presenter will be pursuing for his next series.

James May, who currently is presenting on The Grand Tour and his own travel show, Our Man In… responded to a conversation on Twitter between Professor Brian Cox and his partner, Gia Milinovich.

Gia, who has been married to Cox since 2003, posted to her account joking that being married to the science presenter isn’t always as people expect:

People always say ‘Oh, it must be amazing being married to @ProfBrianCox. The conversations you have must be mindblowing!’ He just spent about 5 minutes telling me about how he was going to move lightbulbs around in our house. ‘I think I’ll move these ones to that room…’

Brian then responded in a way that would only please James May:

There is limited flexibility in rearranging household lighting due to the mixture of E14 and E27 fittings (not to mention B22d). The history of the evolution of lighting standards is interesting and I might consider doing a series on it. Perhaps @MrJamesMay will be interested?

Of course, this spiked lots of interest from fans who would be very excited to see James May explore the mundane world of light bulbs with one fan replying: “I’m all in for this. This morning I have put significant effort about worrying about the safety of replacing my GU5.3 with Zigbee LED versions given they are 12V transformer driven lights.”

Another added: “I mean, I’d watch this. I have at least four different types of lightbulb in my one-bedroom flat. Please pitch this ASAP.”

Eventually, after a few hours, James May responded himself, admitting that this would be a great idea:

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I fainted with excitement at the thought of it.

May is best known for his work on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, but his show The Reassembler captured the hearts of many fans as he slowly took things apart and put them back together for the camera. This would be the perfect addition to his IMDb, we feel.

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  1. “The history of the evolution of lighting standards…”

    Sure, the “history” but you won’t show the important math involved, will you? It’s all about the hype and drama with you Kardashian TV people these days.

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