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The Grand Tour Reddit Creates Speed Limit for James May and He Loves It

One of the fun stories to come out of Episode One and coincidentally, the very first story talked about on Conversation Street, was James May and his speeding ticket. We covered that story a few months ago, but never knew the details of the actual speeds May was going.

As most of you may remember, Conversation Street is The Grand Tour’s new interpretation of the “in the news” segment the boys used to do on Top Gear. Based on the list of things the BBC would sue for, the boys did their best to avoid any sort of carbon copy segments while poking fun at the BBC and their former show.

You may remember that during the Conversation Street segment May’s speeding violation turned out to be for a laughably slow 37 1/2 mph. What makes that speed even funnier is that of all things James could have possibly been driving he was on a high performance motorcycle which was capable of going far and above that speed.

Of course, it didn’t take the internet long to respond to this information and the picture above was soon posted on Reddit. The social media folks running the Grand Tour’s Twitter account found the hilarious picture and posted it on their news feed, tagging Mr. May.  James, being the good sport that he is, retweeted the picture on his own feed showing that while he may be lacking when it comes to speed, he isn’t lacking when it comes to having a bit of fun at his own expense.

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Nick Dunlap

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