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The Grand Tour Season 2 Behind The Scenes Pictures Revealed

When we surf through the comments and messages that are received by Grand Tour Nation, there’s only question that really stands out. Do we know the date of which Season 2 will be airing? Well, no. We still don’t and I’m sorry for that, but we’re keeping our eyes on things. What we do have though, are teaser pictures of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May on their travels for the filming of Season 2. So what have they been up to the past year? Be part of the team and apply for tickets here!

Remember when we told you about Jeremy and his Jaaaaaaag in Colorado? This seems to be a photo from then, only this time joined by Hammond and May with their own Jags. There’s obviously some sort of competition going on, and it may include them racing up and down snowy mountains. Can it get any better?

Mozambique. The country where Hammond had his first crash of the season. Here are a few more photos from their African adventures.

Hammond looks at home…. ish.

May’s made a friend.

Another picture from when the trio traveled to Croatia. Hammond in his Ariel Nomad, Clarkson in his Audi TT, and James May in his Lada firetruck. I think Richard is enjoying his roll caged race car.

This is a shot from a golf course in Dubai. We’ve all seen the tank on the teaser advert we were shown a while back, so now we can see it in all of its still photo glory.

We all know this scene. It’s the famous Swiss hill climb where Hammond tried to defy gravity in a Rimac. It’s a good car, but it’s not that good! Obviously this photo was taken before the crash judging by their smiling faces… we’d hope.

Thank you to Amazon Prime Video for the images!

Press Release

New book reveals Clarkson, Hammond and May Gallivanting Around The Globe In Exclusive First Look Pictures From Series 2 Of The Grand Tour


London: First-look images from Series 2 of Amazon Prime Video’s The Grand Tour, have been released today. The images, which can be viewed here show Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May exploring the mountain ranges of Colorado, stuck in the mud in Mozambique, causing havoc in Dubai and enjoying themselves in the Swiss Alps.


The new series of The Grand Tour will see the trio visit more locations than ever, before returning home to pitch their studio tent in the Cotswolds, UK. The trio will spend over 100 days across four continents, racking up more passport stamps from Croatia, Mozambique, Dubai, Spain, Switzerland, Colorado and New York and many more exotic locations around the world.


The images also feature in a new book, The Grand Tour Guide to the World, published on 5th October by Harper Collins, and priced at £20.


The Grand Tour returns to Amazon Prime Video later this year. Customers can re watch all of series one anytime on Prime Video and follow The Grand Tour on Facebook, and Twitter to be the first notified of upcoming news.


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