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The Grand Tour – Season 2, Episode 1: The New Celebrity Face-Off Track

When Season 1 of The Grand Tour ended, we viewers were left with a feeling of “That was great, but there’s some stuff they could change.” One of those was the Celebrity Brain Crash segment, where a new celebrity each week would come on the show and “die.”

Obviously, that didn’t work out, so The Grand Tour is returning to a tried and true formula of having celebrities come on and go around a track. Of course, a brand new segment means a new track, which was unveiled in the premiere episode:

At first glance, it definitely looks like a fairly complicated track, with a number of narrow turns and tight chicanes. In fact, it almost resembles a mini, horizontally flipped Silverstone (if half of Silverstone was covered in gravel):

The first two guests on the show were David Hasselhoff and Ricky Wilson, and judging by both of their laps, this new track will certainly pose a challenge to the celebs each week. Not only do you have a powerful Jaguar F-Type having to deal with a gravel section with a banked turn and all, but you also have a particularly slippery bit when the gravel transitions back to the tarmac.

This circuit should prove to be very entertaining as the season goes on, and I am very much looking forward to seeing different celebrities tackle it. Now all we need to do is name it. Any suggestions?

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