The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour-Season 2, Episode 4: Was It Really Unscripted?

Most likely not.

I might as well just go ahead and say what I was thinking throughout the whole episode. Was it truly unscripted, as in there was no plan whatsoever and three boys just went out and did their thing? Nah, I highly doubt it. In fact, the entire episode felt like it was specifically scripted to represent what “unscripted” might be.

In short, it felt like an entire episode of the boys trolling all the people complaining.

The thing is, “unscripted” can mean very different things and without clarifying what they meant by it, it can’t really be taken at face value. On the one hand, as mentioned above, it could mean that there was literally zero script when they boys were dropped off in Croatia. On the other hand, it could mean the entire episode was scripted and the boys were simply asked to ad-lib a bit more than usual.

Chances are we saw roughly the same amount of ad-libbing they normally do, and the entire episode was scripted about the same as any other episode, just with jokes about being unscripted as opposed a scripted “line.”

I think what a lot of us would have liked to see was an episode where they seriously were allowed to improvise their chat and participate in certain scenarios just to see how things would play out. As far as Episode 4? Regarding that, I quote this line from the movie The Social Network: ” I think if your clients want to sit on my shoulders and call themselves tall, they have the right to give it a try.”

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