The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour-Season 2, Episode 7: The Devel Sixteen

I’m going to develop a supercar. No, really. It’s going to feature a chassis made of kryptonite, it will be able to fly, and its top speed will be 2 bazillion MPH. In fact, I’m going to get this down on paper right now just to make it official.

See? Anyone can claim any ludicrous thing they want to do, but until they actually go ahead and do it, it’s just a bunch of hot air. I’m sure that’s what most people thought when they first heard Devel’s claims for their Devel Sixteen super/hypercar.

320 MPH top speed? Yeah right. A quad-turbo V16 made from LS V8s that can make 5,007 HP? Mmmmm, not impossible, I suppose, but still unlikely. Honestly, these claims don’t seem that different from mine at the beginning of this piece.

But Devel might actually be making this real. First of all, the Devel Sixteen’s development will be led by Chief Engineer Paolo Garella, formerly of Pininfarina and crazy cars like the Apollo IE. He’s not exactly a stranger to making the impossible happen.

Then there’s the fact that a Devel Sixteen prototype showed up at Dubai International Motor Show. Was it an actual working prototype that was made to spec? I highly doubt it, but having an actual model that people can see and interact with goes a long way in making the public believe.

Whether or not this thing will actually be made is still up in the air, but if Devel can actually meet its lofty claims, we will have entered a new era of automotive performance. I’m rooting for them!


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