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The Grand Tour Trio Wins GQ’s TV Personalities Of The Year

Many fans of Clarkson, Hammond and May don’t know Sir Ben Ainslie as the most decorated Olympic sailor of all time, and barely that he’s a sailor in the first place. He’s best known to us as the man who so bravely attempted to ferry James May up the coast of New Zealand, Clarkson caning a rented Corolla down dirt roads close behind, while the latter complained about how miserable boat travel turned out to be. Apparently, though, he’s still a fan, as he introduced them last night at the 2017 GQ Men of the Year Awards as the magazine’s TV Personalities of the Year.

“Some say our next winners pulled one of the greatest coups in television history. Some say they’re a cultural phenomenon. And some say they just like messing about in cars,” Ainslie joked. “All we know is, they’re brilliant, and the reason to plug that little Amazon box into your TV. The first episode of The Grand Tour became Amazon Prime’s most-watched series premiere in the world, and with a second series out later this year, they certainly have a reason to toot their own horn. Ladies and gentlemen, our TV personalities of the year, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James ‘H.M.S. Misery’ May.”

The trio, proudly took the stage, Clarkson quipping that Hammond was already drunk, before commenting that they were “the first people to receive an award tonight that we’ve heard of.” Apparently, he was told not to say that.

Hammond jumped in to say a quick thank-you to his wife, Mindy, and May stayed away from the mic as the three stepped down, Hammond holding the award.

You can check out the full speech below, and help us congratulate them in the comments!

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