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Filming On The Grand Tour’s Second Season Has Finally Wrapped

Well, folks, the long international nightmare is over. After several injuries, only a handful of which were life-threatening, filming on season 2 of The Grand Tour has finally finished. Post-production remains ongoing on the remaining episodes, but the part where the presenters have the opportunity to kill themselves is pretty much over.

Clarkson sent out that tweet yesterday at about 5:17 PM, likely after the end of a day’s filming at the tent, at which point he had only a short stroll back to his house. The show’s Director of Production, Zoe Brewer, also tweeted this earlier that morning:

As everyone knows, this season’s filming was fraught with danger–Hammond crashing the Rimac during the filming for the very first episode, Clarkson catching pneumonia in Majorca, and May getting serious food poisoning (read: a problem *down there*), all of which prevented them from releasing the show as early as they would have liked. The second season was originally supposed to come out in late summer or early fall, around September or October as season 1 did, but several presenters at a time being in hospital forced Amazon’s hand in pushing it back to December 8 despite their reticence.

The next episode of the show, “Bah Humbug-atti,” drops this Friday–check out our breakdown of the featured cars here.

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