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GYMKHANA Track Confirmed in Fresh Dirt 5 Trailer

The new trailer for Dirt 5 dropped today, and if you’re a gamer with a love for racing off-road, it’s a must watch. Before you watch, yes, the iconic GYMKHANA game-mode is returning. Also, photo-mode.

They tease three of the new areas coming in Dirt 5, Morocco, Brazil, and Arizona. Not shown in the trailer are seven other new geographic zones: Norway, China, Roosevelt Island, Nepal, Greece, Italy, and South Africa. In total there will be 70 tracks over these 10 locations.

The wild race-types in the newset Dirt game will include Rock Bounce, Formula Off-Road, Ultra Cross, Landrush and more.

Not only will there be circuit racing, but also Rally Raids, like Stampede and Path Finder. Those events will be based around natural obstacles and terrain.

The big-ticket attraction is Gymkhana, which is a timed event where you compete in an arena to gather the most points by doing ridiculous stunts.

The map has different zones where players can do everything from donuts to jumps for different scores before the clock runs out.

Dirt 5 will have dynamic weather events. The storms will include everything from blizzards to sandstorms and thunder storms.

Whether you and your friends want to play split-screen or online, it doesn’t make much difference. Dirt 5 will support both, of course, and has four-player split-screen.

One really cool selling point, is that a current-gen copy of Dirt 5 will allow you to activate the game on next-gen consoles when it’s available.

So no need to hold off until the PS5 comes out. You can go ahead and pick a copy up when it’s released October 9.

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